Why, yes, I did just write, “Phuket

check out this site This is a very good comment. I always have to remind myself that what the world sees is so different from what I see. I know it true but it so hard to internalize it. Yes, mse is just my lazy choice haha, “hey a number popped out, must be good”. Ill definitely play around with that a bit more. Now that ive written some info, as poor as it is, it also gives me clarity on what to do next.

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Alright well it was only $50. And he and I agreed on it before the fact. I really don like the way you guys are making ME sound like a criminal. Individual devs get screwed by piracy and it naive to think otherwise. 90% piracy doesn mean 90% loss of income, but it sure means that sales are lost. It a fact that the reason f2p and always online games are everywhere is that it the only way devs can pull any money out of their products.

Sarah says she wanted to marry Paddy, a millionaire. Sadly, though, there was an impediment to Sarah and Paddy’s proposed marital union.But even if he didn’t have any courtiers, Prince Andrew doesn’t require a functioning brain because that’s not the body organ that Andrew uses to think with.Andrew uses another body organ for his thinking.That is why he ended up marrying Sarah Ferguson in the first place.Why, yes, I did just write, “Phuket.”No, no! “Phuket.” “Phuket.” Say it slowly.What do you think it sounds like?I am not cursing, nor am I talking about how Prince Andrew was recently accused by a woman of having statutorily raped her when she was an underage teenage sex slave, groomed to romp with the rich and powerful by a notorious financier and his alleged moll procuratrix.No. “Phuket” is not the act, silly.

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