He had good intentions, but really didn accomplish nearly as

Would you vote for a military commander for president in 2012

Canada Goose Parka continues to fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan it seems like a sharp military mind in the Oval Office may come in handy. The canada goose black friday sale New York Times reports on growing speculation that General David Petraeus who oversees those two wars might run for president in 2012. Petraeus people deny it but some say the White House is still suspicious. Canada Goose Parka

Aides to Petraeus say he hasn voted for more than five years to preserve a sense of military impartiality. And although he been described as a Republican one top military official close to the general says he couldn confirm his political party.

Canada Goose Online In any case the Times points out how Petraeus, who was a favorite of George Bush, has taken on a more muted voice in the debate over Afghanistan. But he continues to have a seat at the table, as the Obama administration wrestles with sending as many as 40,000 additional troops to the fight. Canada Goose Online

There was a time when military service was a political asset Eisenhower came cheap canada goose to the White House via the military and was one of America most popular presidents. JFK, Nixon, Carter among others also served.

But cheap canada goose in recent elections, the attitude towards men in uniform has changed. voters rejected John McCain, John Kerry and Bob Dole all veterans.

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No, military men do not make good presidents. Eisenhower was elected to two terms because there weren any adults in this country who hadn had some connection to him during the war. If they didn serve with him, they had a relative, neighbor or friend who did.

I would vote for a military man for the White House any year! I am a military brat, and I feel some of our best presidents have been former military men. I would vote for Colin Powell in a heart beat and Petraeus is a possibility, but it also depends on where they stand on other important issues.

Canada Goose Outlet Today war with terrorists is more about political and economic strategy perhaps more so than military. In this war, victory is not defeating an enemy but defeating a cause. The military has its place and it is not the White House. President. As a veteran, I have gained valuable strategic and critical thinking skills that have served me well both professionally and personally. Although there have been some great military leaders who have been substandard presidents, such as Taylor and Grant, many more have led this nation to greatness: Washington, Jackson, Eisenhower to name a few. is a country not a military enterprise. Making Rachael Ray head of the CIA would work too. She great at organization, good team work and communication skills, at ease in front of the camera. Canada Goose Outlet

Remember that while Eisenhower was a military man, he warned against the influence of the military/industrial complex in political life. Dick Cheney aside, I would prefer a civilian candidate.

At least we could be assured that a military candidate would not be hiding socialist and radical views that are in complete opposition to mainstream America AND our military commanders https://www.amigosdecontreras.es would not make international canada goose clearance uk speeches denigrating the United States of America.

A military commander would posses the kind of leadership qualities that have made this country great. He/she would not pander to the United Nations, as Obama has done. He/she would put country first, whereas Obama has put himself first one too many times. WE need to pull out of japan and germany and our hundereds of other bases, we are fools bleeding ourselves dry and will be the next england or france NOT because of healthcare but because we are overextended cheap canada goose alternative globally and the bubble will pop when the chinese get sick of lending us money for our follies, and we will be the next former global dominator.

It has been a long time since we have had a vet in office. I would prefer a qualified vet on the ballot. But that would not bring an automatic vote.

But do people even care? Our last President could not, or would not, even produce proof that canada goose outlet fake he completed his service which was in the reserves. Personally I will never believe he did. Then he sent troops to serve in an arguably legitimate war in Afghanistan. Then he compromised them by engaging in his personal vendetta in Iraq. Then he added insult to injury by not supporting our brave troops when they returned home.

I guess I answered my own question, YES!!

No, probably not. The last President we had who was a military commander was Eisenhower. Now, while he canada goose outlet michigan was a pretty good military commander, started the Civil Rights legislation, and began the Space Race, most of his accomplishments were in response to the Cold War. He had good intentions, but really didn accomplish nearly as much as he should have, and caused several major embarassments to the country including the U 2 incident and his tacit approval of McCarthyism which led to many problems with citizens rights being violated.

I can see no possible candidates even for 2016 that are standing out from the crowd right now. Military life and civilian lifestyles are total different packages, trust me I know. That not to say that one of them could not run the country though most of them do have experience in running Military Communities. I think President Obama is best canada goose outlet woodbury since Clinton and he is the first working President I have ever seen, (period) When does he sleep? God BLess President Obama. God Bless America.

buy canada goose jacket cheap The great history books have always been written 50 100 years after the fact. when enough time has passed to gain perspective, but plenty of research materials remain. Some historian will eventually write about this era with a book entitled, Issue Politics. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose uk shop If you do not believe that, run for city council in a small town, and record all the questions you are asked. Most will have nothing to do with what your election will empower you to address. The public no longer politicians on their qualifications, but rather their wider beliefs, and positions on national issues canada goose uk shop.

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