5 hour movie and it was fairly accurate

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Think about it this way, fellowship of the ring was a 2.5 hour movie and it was fairly accurate, it lost some stuff but nothing vital to the story, 4 1 hour episodes for eye of the world and another 4 for the great hunt should be enough, Then season 2 for book 3 at least Id split it into 1 episode just Perrin/Moraine following Rand, 1 episode the girls in Tar Valon, 1 Episode Mat and Thom in Tar Valon, 1 Episode of everyone travelling to tear and one episode in Tear so 5 altogether. And then for book 4, 1 episode in the stone, 1 episode everyone leaving the stone and rand arriving in the waste, end season with Mat and Rand in Rhudean and he who comes with the Dawn. If they followed this season 3 is where I think you have to start expanding season lengths.

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